Production Log Analysis

The ability to monitor reservoirs and exploit them in the most efficient way in order to meet production targets, is crucial for operators to succeed.

Production Logging is paramount to enable this success, providing a complex understanding of well and reservoir dynamics throughout the life of a well. 

With the support of our experienced Well Interpretation team, we can assit you in tracking well production performance in order to identify key areas where production problems exist.

We at GOWell, will provide you with all the necessary tools you need in order to make informed decisions in turn improving both the productivity and value of your wells. 


APT (Advanced Production Team)

A highly reliable team of geo scientist with extensive experience in Production Logging domain
  • Reliable
  • Capable

Best Software used in the industry to help analyze a wide range of data, and suggest solutions to modern day problems
  • IP and other softwares

Advanced services in the Production Logging domain able to solve unconventional challenges
  • Zonal inflow analysis
  • Water source identification
  • Productivity / injectivity index analysis
  • Cross-flow identification
  • Temperature & pressure gradient identification


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