Aurora DTS Pro

GOWell’s Aurora DTS Pro Interrogator panel uses Raman OTDR technology with integrated receiver for Stokes and anti-Stokes measurements. Our product is focused for upstream in-well applications such as downhole leak detection and flow profile monitoring. Aurora is fully compatible with PLATO-DTS TM software and together they form a powerful solution for service companies.

Aurora DTS Pro is a portable fild ruggedized unit which works with any Windows (7,8 or 10) compatible laptop. The acquisition software is simple to setup and use. Real-time data can quickly be QC’ed and output to a series of timestamped LAS fies which can be read by PLATO-DTS TM or other compatible temperature analysis software.



Reliable, stable temperature measurements
Rugged DTS unit built for wellsite operations
Easy to use acquisition software
Compatible with leading downhole temperature analysis software
Built-in battery for 4 hours self-contained operation

DTS Pro 


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