High Definition Sonic Tool (HDSL)

GOWell’s High Definition Sonic Logging Tool (HDSL) is part of the Gallop Suite and it is comprised of a single transmitter and five receivers. The instrument provides a borehole compensated acoustic compressional travel time (Dt). Applications include porosity calculations, and calibration of seismic data. It can also be used for cement bond evaluation.

The sonic logging tool can also be used to improve the correlation between time and depth, as well as be used for rock mechanics. This tool combines transmitters and receivers, which allow the recording of travel time, of an acoustic wave (sound energy) through the formation, to be measured.






  • Formation Porosity 
  • Seismic Correlation
  • Basic Cement Bond evaluation  in cased hole
  • Fracture Identification



  • Combinable with other Gallop tools
  • Acquires full digital Compressional waveforms in both OH (5 Rx) and CH ( 2 Rx CBL) modes configurable from software
  • Real-time semblance available
  • Travel time DTC processing real time, including borehole Compensation


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