Litho Density Logging Tool (LDLT)

GOWell’s Litho Density Tool is part of the Gallop Suite, and provides accurate bulk density (RHOB) and photoelectric effect (PE) measurements for formation porosity evaluation, and lithology identification.

Lithology tools are extremely important as they provide a clear picture of the feasibility of a particular well, which allows the user to adjust and maximize production accordingly. Dual detectors allow mud cake corrections to be applied, and a caliper measurement is also provided.





  • Measures formation porosity
  • Measures lithology of formation (PE)
  • Generates synthetic seismic traces
  • Gas detection and shale identification combined with Neutron log
  • Combinable with other Gallop tools
  • Single axis caliper measurement provided
  • Measurements provided in a wide range of borehole sizes
  • Utilizes a dual spectrum detector to eliminate mud cake in order to obtain accurate formation density



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