Radial Bond Tool (RBL)

The Radial Bond Log tool provides proven superior reliability and responsiveness even in thin cement sheath conditions. With circumferential cement bond evaluation, the RBL identifies channels, in addition to standard cement bond logging. The main application of the Radial Bond Log tool is to evaluate hydraulic isolation between producing and non-producing zones– a key factor needed to assess the integrity of the well. In addition to standard cement bond amplitude (CBL) through near receiver (3-ft), and variable density log (VDL) through far receiver (5-ft), the RBL tool provides a cement map through eight receivers (Radial @2Ft ), each segment covering 45° section of the pipe which gives a complete 360° evaluation of bond integrity.





  • Full circumferential resolution for better channel identification
  • Provides a 360 degree cement map
  • Cement bond quality measurement in slim and conventional wells
  • Operates in casing from 3 1/2 in. (89 mm) to 10 3/4 in. (244 mm)
  • Indicates channels and intervals using radial receivers 
  • Measures the attenuation of the acoustic energy in the casing to cement interface


  • Compatible with PegasusStar
  • Combinable with GOWell’s Pegasus Series Tools for flexible acquisition and rig time saving
  • All receivers are built in a slotted housing to provide rigidity, strength, and noise isolation
  • Robust design suitable for horizontal logging
  • SRO and memory capable
  • Warrior compatible


RBL/MFC/MTD Combination Log

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