Six Arm Caliper

GOWell’s 6-arm caliper tools has independent arms measuring 6 radii of the borehole wall. The 6-arms are spaced at 60 degrees leading to a more accurate measurement of the borehole cross-section compared to 2 or 4-arm tools.

The tool has six independent arms measuring an accurate set of radii via 6 electrical sensors. Borehole diameter is measured by the three sets of opposite arms.





  • Determines an accurate profile of the borehole cross-section
  • Calculates Borehole and Annulus hole volumes
  • Analysis of borehole failure – breakout, key-seat and washouts
  • Evaluate in-situ stress field



  • Fully combinable with Gallop range of Open Hole tools
  • Covers a wide range of borehole sizes up to 22 inches
  • Correction for tool eccentricity via elliptical or chord methods
  • Borehole profile display


Six Arm Caliper Log

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