Telemetry/Inclinometer Gamma Ray Tool (TIGR)

GOWell’s TIGR provides high-speed telemetry required to run all Gallop tools in combination. In addition to a high speed telemetry function, the tool includes a natural radioactivity measurement as well as relative bearing directional information.

The tool is composed of two sections – the TGR and the TTM sonde sections. The main application of this tool is to facilitate data communication between the downhole toolstring and the surface system.

Auxiliary measurements include toolstring tension, mud temperature, mud resistivity and Gamma Ray measurement.




  • Shale Volume Calculation
  • Provides useful mud information 
  • Well to well geological correlation
  • Combinable with Gallop tools
  • High Uplink transmission rate
  • TTM section includes temperature and resistivity sensors, tension and pressure balance piston
  • Can be used in both Open Hole and Cased Hole Conditions
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