X-Dipole Logging Tool (XDLT)

GOWell’s X-Dipole Logging Tool is an array acoustic tool with monopole, dipole and cross-dipole acquisition capabilities. The tool is essential for collecting a full range of acoustic datasets, which contribute to petrophysical evaluation and geophysical applications.

The X-Dipole Sonic Tool is composed of four (4) main parts:

  • Electronics instrument
  • Receiver section
  • Acoustic isolator
  • Transmitter section

The tool has four (4) separate broadband acoustic transmitters—one monopole, two dipole and one stoneley transmitter. The monopole output is optimized for compressional and refracted shear measurements; whereas, the stoneley transmiter is a unique design optimized for low frequency stoneley excitation. The two dipole transmitters are co-located and optimized to maximize output energy for slow, soft rock formations.




  • Gas zone detection (VP/vs)
  • Fracture identification (Stoneley)
  • Permeability estimation (Stoneley)
  • Formation Anisothropy assessment
  • Formation porosity
  • Measurement of compressional and shear waves in open or cased-hole
  • Synthetic Seismograms
  • Lithology and clay identification



  • Combinable with other Gallop tools
  • Records the waveform of the reflected value from formations
  • By measuring sonic slowness, formation porosity can be obtained
  • Rock anisothropy analysis can be achieved (full waveform mode and Azimuth required)
  • Transmitter section assembled with peek sleeves for increased reliability and lower maintenance required
  • Ten independently linked assemblies in the isolator section are included to better attenuate the tool body signal, maintain alignment and provide increased tension & compressive strength.
  • Three programmable operating modes available:
    • Mode 1: Fast Logging
    • Mode 2: Non-anisothropy
    • Mode 3: Full waveform
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